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Seif Township Clark County, WI

1929 Braunsdorf-Wood Wedding

From the Wood Family Collection Elaine (Wood) Greene-Jensen



Plat Map Transcriptions

Township 25N, Range 3W

First Families Map of Seif Twp., Clark Co., Wisconsin




Mentor Area Cemeteries


Population Statistics from Census Records

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Census Records, State and Federal

Individual Family Census Records, Family & Home Photos

Andrews: Andrews, Elizabeth (First Owner's Map)

Ayers: Ayers, lewis L. (First Owner's Map)

Berthold: Berthold, H. (1915 Plat Map); Berthold, Harry William Paul

Bailing: Bailing, Fred, Minnie, Emilie, Hattie & Lena (1905 Census)

Bigelow: Bigelow, Lafayette (First Owner's Map)

Blakeslee: Blakeslee, Chauncey (First Owner's Map)

Boesche: Boesche, Charles William (1915 Plat Map)

Bollwahn: Bollwahn, Wm. (1915 Plat Map)

Bouchier: Bouchier, John D. (First Owner's Map)

Boyer: Boyer, David, Minnie, Mary, Rosa, Lena, George, Clara, Ella, Henry (1905 Census); Boyer, David (1915 Plat Map); Boyer, James M. (1941 - 1968)

Braddock: Braddock, E Marvin (1915 Plat Map)

Braun: Braun, William, Louisa, Albert, Hildagard, Selma, Roland & Leo (1905 Census)

Briggs: Briggs, A. O. (1915 Plat Map); Briggs, A. G. (1915 Plat Map)

Bright: Bright, Ben H. (1915 Plat Map)

Brooker: Brooker, Frederick M. (First Owner's Map)

Brooks: Brooks, Benjamin F. (First Owner's Map)

Bruley: Bruley, Emery (1915 Plat Map)

Bullard: Bullard, George W. & Andrew J. (First Owner's Map)

Burnett: Burnett, Martha & Arthur (1905 Census)

Calway: Calway, F. D. (1915 Plat Map)

Casabeer: Casabeer, Eve (First Owner's Map)

Casey: Casey, Elizabeth (First Owner's Map)

Caughey: Caughey, Elizabeth (First Owner's Map)

Chamberlain: Chamberlain, Martha (First Owner's Map)

Christenson: Christenson, Thomas (1915 Plat Map)

Christopherson: Christopherson, Carl, Perrulle, Oscar & Joseph (1905 Census); Christoperson, C. (1915 Plat Map)

Clark: Clark, Isaac S., Lincoln & Robert M. (First Owner's Map)

Coleman: Coleman, C. L. (1915 Plat Map)

Collins: Collins, W. G. (1915 Plat Map)

Conlan: Conlan, M. (1915 Plat Map)

Conner: Conner, Ann (First Owner's Map)

Conroy: Conroy, Frank (1915 Plat Map)

Cook: Cook, Elizabeth (First Owner's Map)

Corbett: Corbett, John (First Owner's Map)

Cornelius: Cornelius, C. (1915 Plat Map)

Coughlan: Coughlan, Charles H. (First Owner's Map)

Cox: Cox, Tempy (First Owner's Map)

Cramer: Cramer, William E. (First Owner's Map)

Crawford: Crawford, William H. (First Owner's Map)

Crawley: Crawley, Louie, Lizzie, Ray, Lee & Martha (1905 Census)

Currier: Currier, Chas. & Geo. (1915 Plat Map)

Davis: Davis, James W. (First Owner's Map)

Douglas: Douglas, Abigail (First Owner's Map)

Drury: Drury, George H., Franklin & Gardner P. (First Owner's Map)

Dudei: Dudei, Hulda (1899 – 1920); Dudei, August, Mary, Arnold & Bennie (1905 Census); Dudei, John, Caroline, Augusta, Laura, Ida, Alma, Hulda & Elsie (1905 Census); Dudei, Aug. & J. (1915 Plat Map)

Dunn: Dunn, James (First Owner's Map); Dunn, W. (1915 Plat Map)

Edwards: Edwards, Julius & Theodore B. (First Owner's Map)

Eastman: Eastman, Lorenzo D. (First Owner's Map)

Eisentraut: Eisentraut, Alvin, Rose & Ruby (1905 Census)

Esch: Esch, John (1915 Plat Map)

Fish: Fish, Winslow (First Owner's Map)

Fleming: Fleming, Ira A. (First Owner's Map)

Flick: Flick, E. (1915 Plat Map)

Foster: Foster, Geo. N.

Free: Free, Thomas (First Owner's Map)

French: French, Benjamin F. (First Owner's Map)

Fuge: Fuge, A. C. (1915 Plat Map)

Gates: Gates, Daniel (First Owner's Map); Gates, H. M. (1915 Plat Map)

Geohrke: Geohrke, H. (1915 Plat Map)

Gibson: Gibson, Martha & William J. (First Owner's Map)

Goddard: Goddard, J. B. (1915 Plat Map)

Gohres: Gohres, Jos. P. (1915 Plat Map)

Golder: Golder, Deborah (First Owner's Map)

Goodhue: Goodhue, Joseph (First Owner's Map)

Goodridge: Goodridge, Benjamin (First Owner's Map)

Graham: Graham, F. E. (1915 Plat Map)

Grap: Grap, G. E., Anna, Leo, Emma, Edgar, Ernest & Delbert (1905 Census); Grap, G. E. (1915 Plat Map)

Greening: Greening, Walter Bruno (1892 - 1956); Greening, Walter Bruno (1892 - 1956)

Grow: Grow, Chas. F. (1915 Plat Map)

Halbrader: Halbrader, Lawrence (1910 - 1975); Halbrader, Aug. (1915 Plat Map); Halbrader, Lawrence (1910 - 1975)

Halbrade: Habrade, August, Emilia, Augusta, George & Johana (1905 Census)

Hardy: Hardy, W. H. (1915 Plat Map)

Hathaway: Hathaway, James (First Owner's Map)

Hawkes: Hawkes, Mrs. L. E. (1915 Plat Map)

Healey: Healey, B. B. (First Owner's Map)

Heidemann: Heidemann, Willetta Esther (1915 - 2008)

Hemp: Hemp, Ernest, Augusta, Elsie, Clare & Paul (1905 Census)

Hewett: Hewett, Henry & Sheldon B. (First Owner's Map)

Hillyard: Hillyard, Elisha (First Owner's Map)

Hoeffel: Hoeffel, V. M. (1915 Plat Map)

Holcomb: Holcomb, Gordon (1915 Plat Map)

Holman: Holman, Franklin (First Owner's Map)

Holtz: Holtz, Ferdinand, Emilie, George, Willie, Helena & Raymond (1905 Census)

Hosford: Hosford, Abram P. (First Owner's Map)

Humbolt: Humbolt, William, Cora & Stella (1905 Census); Humboldt, Wm. (1915 Plat Map)

Hyde: Hyde, S. Y. (1915 Plat Map)

Irving: Irving, E. L. (1915 Plat Map)

Jacques: Jacques, G. L. (1915 Plat Map)

James: James, Spencer (First Owner's Map)

Johnson: Johnson, P. O. (1915 Plat Map)

Jones: Jones, Hubbard W. (First Owner's Map)

Jungblut: Jungblut, Julius (1915 Plat Map)

Kalsow: Kalsow, Willie (1915 Plat Map)

Kimball: Kimball, J. A. (First Owner's Map)

King: King, G. W. & Albert F. (First Owner's Map)

Kirkendall: Kirkendall, Sarah (First Owner's Map)

Klauer: Klauer, H. (1915 Plat Map)

Kluckmann: Kluckmann, Ed (1915 Plat Map)

Krapfel: Krapfel, J. W. (1915 Plat Map)

Krisling: Krisling, Andrew & Era (1905 Census)

Kuhl: Kuhl, Wm. (1915 Plat Map)

Kyden: Kyden, P. (1915 Plat Map)

Lakin: Lakin, George W. & Charles H. (First Owner's Map)

Lange: Lange, Frank (1915 Plat Map)

Lawyer: Lawyer, Phoebe (First Owner's Map)

Lechner: Lechner, Edmund (First Owner's Map)

Longenecker: Longenecker, G. W. (1915 Plat Map); Longenecker, George & Rose E.

Lynch: Lyncy, J. (1915 Plat Map)

Maker: Maker, Elizabeth (First Owner's Map)

Manthei: Manthei, Robert, Bertha, Anna, Albert (1905 Census); Albert, Alvine, Emil, Lina, George, William & Arthur (1905 Census); Manthei, R. (1915 Plat Map)

Manthey: Manthey, A. (1915 Plat Map)

Marden: Marden, William H. (First Owner's Map)

Marsh: Marsh, S. M. (1915 Plat Map)

Mason: Mason, Isaac S. (First Owner's Map)

McLaughlin: McLaughlin, James (First Owner's Map)

Menning: Menning, Ernest, Lena, Bertha, Martha, Mata, Emil & Mary (1905 Census)

Meyer: Meyer, William, Louisa, Charley, Herman, Helena, Meta, Willie & Walter (1905 Census)

Mills: Mills, Jesse C. (First Owner's Map)

Moehrig: Moehrig, hermann (First Owner's Map)

Moore: Moore, W. E. (1915 Plat Map)

Moorhead: Moorhead, A. Patterson (First Owner's Map)

Morrison: Morrison, Rebecca (First Owner's Map)

Morse: Morse, John (First Owner's Map)

Mosher: Mosher, Elizabeth A. ( 1921 - 1992)

Mund: Mund, Elmer (1915 Plat Map)

Murray: Murray, Charley, Mary, Florence & Laura (1905 Census)

Nelson: Nelson, A. (1915 Plat Map)

Newcomb: Newcomb, William H. (First Owner's Map)

Nichols: Nichols, Milo L. (First Owner's Map); Nichols, Lester "Milo";

O'Brien: O'Brien, Jno. (1915 Plat Map)

O'Neill: O'Neill, James (1915 Plat Map)

Oliver: Oliver, Cunrid (First Owner's Map)

Olson: Olson, O. (1915 Plat Map)

Palmer: Palmer, William (First Owner's Map)

Palms: Palms, Wilfred K. (1928); Palms, Jessie, Emma, Eugene & Florence (1905 Census)

Phelp: Phelp, Arthur, Emma, Calvin & John (1905 Census)

Phillips: Phillips, Rena (First Owner's Map)

Pitts: Pitts, J. A. (1915 Plat Map)

Poppe: Emil, Christena, Ottilia, Alma, Elva & John (1905 Census); Poppe, Emil (1915 Plat Map)

Pounder: Pounder, Thomas (First Owner's Map)

Pritchet: Pritchet, William, Ora, Goldy & Lyle (1905 Census)

Proper: Proper, Elizabeth (First Owner's Map)

Quast: Quast, Louis, Anna, Elsie, Henry, Bertha & Martha (1905 Census); Quast, Louis (1915 Plat Map)

Reed: Reed, John (First Owner's Map)

Ritchie: Ritchie, W. (1915 Plat Map)

Rook: Rook, John Jr. (1915 Plat Map)

Root: Root, Mary J. (1915 Plat Map)

Sapiega: Sapiega, Anton (1915 Plat Map)

Schener: Schener, Jos. H. (1915 Plat Map)

Schilhabel: Schihbel, Jos. (1915 Plat Map)

Schiller: Schiller, Jacob (Anniversary - Golden, 1937)

Schoengarth: Schoengarth, A. (1915 Plat Map)

Schultz: Schultz, William Adolphine & Gustave (1905 Census)

Schuster: Schuster, J. (1915 Plat Map) Schuster, J. F. (1915 Plat Map)

Schwaneb: Schwaneb, J. (1915 Plat Map)

Schwinn: Schwinn, M. (1915 Plat Map)

Shuman: Shuman, Fred Sr., Fred Jr. & Eddie (1905 Census)

Schwamb: Schwamb, Jacob (First Owner's Map)

Seif: Seif, Mr./Mrs. John (58th Anniversary - 1961); BioA: Seif, Mr./ Mrs. Fred J. (50th - 1925); Seif, John, Della & Viola (1905 Census); Seif, John (1915 Plat Map)

Seymour: Seymour, Henry E. (First Owner's Map)

Shaver: Shaver, Aaron (First Owner's Map)

Sheldon: Sheldon, Lucius M. (First Owner's Map)

Shurtleff: Shurtleff, Ed. D. (1915 Plat Map)

Siefert: Siefert, Ferdinand & Bertha (1905 Census)

Skinner: Skinner, Francis R. (First Owner's Map)

Smith: Smith, John C. (First Owner's Map); Lee & Susie (1905 Census)

Snow: Snow, Belinda (First Owner's Map)

Spaulding: Spaulding, Dudley J. (First Owner's Map)

Spialley: Spialley, F. (1915 Plat Map)

Sprague: Sprague, Delbert (First Owner's Map)

Stamm: Stamm, A. F. & J. M. (1915 Plat Map)

Steinberg: Steinberg, Otto & Utlintz (1905 Census); Steinberg, Otto (1915 Plat Map)

Sturdevant: Sturdevant, D. M. (First Owner's Map)

Teuter: Teuter, Dorothy Ann (First Owner's Map)

Thoma: Thoma, W. B. & W. C. (1915 Plat Map)

Thompson: Thompson, John (First Owner's Map); Thompson, J. J., Martha, Leslie, Oliver, Raymond, Gertrude, Walter & Earl (1905 Census)

Turnbull: Turnbull, David (First Owner's Map)

Vanderhoof: Vanderhoof, Elizabeth (First Owner's Map)

Vincent: Vincent, James (First Owner's Map)

Voight: Voight, August, Fredericka, Bertha, Albert, William, Anna & Ella (1905 Census); Voight, Albert (1915 Plat Map)

Wedge: Wedge, Hugh (First Owner's Map)

Wegner: Wegner, Carl, Anna, Elsie, Maggie, Minnie & Walter (1905 Census); Wegner, Carl (1915 Plat Map); Wegner, Arthur Anton & Selma A.

Wellnits: Wellnits, Frank (1915 Plat Map)

Westfall: Westfall, William, Lilly, Dimple, Claud, Lula, Jennie & Mina (1905 Census* also see Westphal)

Weston: Weston, Samuel F. (First Owner's Map)

Westphal: Westphal, C. & W. (1915 Plat Map* also see Westfall)

Whitcomb: Whitcomb, E. R. & Elias K. (First Owner's Map)

White: White, Frank (1905 Census)

Wilber: Wilber, C. J. (1915 Plat Map)

Wilcox: Wilcox, Alden G. (First Owner's Map)

Wolf: Wolf, L. (1915 Plat Map)

Wolters: Wolters, William (First Owner's Map)

Wood: Wood, James Arnold (obituary, family notes & photo); Wood, Elaine (Wood) Greene (autobiography & photos); Wood, Elaine (wedding); Wood-Greene & Jenson Wedding;

Woodman: Woodman, Cyrus (First Owner's Map); Woodman, Cyrus

Worchel: Wochel, August, Alvina, Ewald, Mary & Hugo (1905 Census); Worchel, A. (1915 Plat Map); Worchel, Harley A.

Wright: Wright, Joseph C. (First Owner's Map)

Young: Young, Caryl (First Owner's Map)








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